“You're searching, Joe, for things that don't exist; I mean beginnings. Ends and beginnings — there are no such things. There are only middles.”
—Robert Frost

Ten Men Named Joe is an indie game design summoned from the 24 Hour RPG Challenge.

Somewhere, near the end, the last hope of human kind is facing the unravelling of eternity, ruthlessly caused by the entropic forces of a villain only a handful of survivors have discovered. All worlds, all iterations of every home, have been funneled toward the void. And now, as the random shards of what is left are being pulverized and consumed by the nothingness, a handful of mis-matched heroes have been summoned to the shifting setting, and given a simple choice: Defeat the villain, or die along with all that ever was…

Your Average Joe

Each player in TMNJ take on the role of the last ten heroes summoned to fight the end of the world. They are all named Joe. And they each have a few things in common:

As the game progressses, your average Joe will:

  • Reveal his Schtick (or remain secret).
  • Resolve his Issue (or succumb to it's weight).
  • Make new friends (or avoid new people).
  • Confront and Destroy the Unmaker.

Every Joe is Special

Every player in TMNJ selects one Type of Joe individual to their character. While each Joe has the same selection of Stats to choose from, each Joe Type comes with a hand selection of Schticks that individualize him from the other Joes.

It's the End of the World as they know it, but Joe Feels Fine

This game is not an open ended situation. This is a game about the role of a hero, even when things look their bleakest. As a result the end is settled: Everything is Saved and Joe goes Home Safe. What is in question, however, is whether or not your Joe will resolve his issue, create worthwhile relationships, or remain at the End of it All, in wait for any further Endings.

The Schtick Dice TRS