The Unmaker

check…your move, Joe.

The End of it All

TMNJ is a game set at the end of the Universe, the Cosmos, and every Iteration of Earth that ever existed. Call it the All or the Multiverse or the whole shebang. Doesn't matter. All that can be said is, "if it existed, it's in peril." However impending and insurmountable that might seem, however, you're the Joe to deal with it. And you've been brought here for that reason. Of course, you didn't pick this job. And it's not voluntary.

You were Summoned here, by a powerful techno-sage called Keeton. Keeton, the only one left capable of manipulating the metatechnology that is unravelling the whole of reality, is one of several people attempting to stop the End of it All. This resistance is as large as your group of players wishes it to be, but they all rely upon the metatechnology of the Endworld to sustain them. The metatechnology i'm talking about here is called the Etherforge; a blend of super-science and magic capable of manipulating the most powerful fundamental forces of reality.

Keeton's Army

Keeton is part wizard, part engineer. His relationship with the Etherforge is strained now, after it's merger with the madman that began to steer it's capabilities toward the end of it all. And looking too greatly into it's patterns cause bouts of mental stress that could lead to madness should he persist too long. The last truth he was able to glean from it's paradigm was the possibility of a counter-force manifested from the chaotic. This chaotic force is manifested by an individual with a very specific true name. Unfortunately Keeton could only gather the most likely candidates, narrowed down to ten, who possess at least a fraction of that name: Joe.

The UnMaker

Each game begins with the summoning of the Joes. The end of it all is their encounter with the UnMaker, who will always die at their hands. The UnMaker is a terrible bio-organic entity that has merged completely on a nano-technological level with the Etherforge, and in it's embrace spiraled to madness. His decent now threatens to deconstruct reality using methods inconceivable to any operators that are not directly linked to the Etherforge itself.

The Endworld

Where Keeton summons the Joes is to be detailed by the group playing the game. What is suggested is as follows:

  • Have chunks of the Joes Homeworlds in fragments that have suddenly merged with the Endworld, leaving shards of their reality like splinters in this one.
  • Don't make Keeton's forces too large.
  • This is a world that once thrived on the lifestyle given to them by the Etherforge, which has now manifested their greatest nightmare.