The Pitchlist


Create a Playlist of 3-5 Songs. Write a Pitch for a game that one reads after listening to this playlist. Pitch and Playlist should compliment each other (obviously).

Pitches should be for a specific / detailed one-shot or a campaign, not just a game-system in general.

Pitches can be for a game system that already exists or for a 'theoretical' game that would be designed to play this game.

Playlists can be compiled through YouTube, 8Tracks or a Burned CD for the Oldskool. I've not messed around with Spotify yet, so i can't promise that will be a successful means to submit your Pitch/Playlist. I can play audio CDs and MP3 CDs. If you give me a cassette tape i'll love you forever, but you'll be disqualified immediately.

Pitch text can be pretty much anything and i should be able to read it, but you'll get extra points for PDF. Minor extra points for Typography Wizardry.

Present your Pitches like this:

Campaign Title
The Pitch
(Song - Artist - Album)

Submissions will be accepted starting on this Friday.
Deadline for Submissions is November 30th.

The game i want to play the most is the winner

Grand Prize

I will make you one Mix CD, with a cool little booklet. And probably some stickers.
Winner can request that i 'finish' their Pitchlist by adding to it, or that i just hook them up with some cool tunes.

note: if fewer than three people enter this contest will evaporate.