Where your character comes from will determine a lot about their personality, knowledges, and ability to interact with people. This is a lot to worry about, and a lot to deal with in game. So whatever Type of Joe you pick, it's wise to choose a Homeworld that your comfortable playing a denizen of, and know well enough to narrate a bit of it's color.

For most purposes it's never a bad idea to work with clich├ęs in this regard. Trying to craft a world of immaculate detail with all the glory of subtle nuances and long lists of genealogy is unnecessary. You'll never go there, until the end, and you'll never role-play there (unless you do a flash-back or something). So don't worry about grafting on a great deal of background to your setting. Just the broad-strokes, enough to get a feel for your character.

A List of Examples

  • The Dark Future
  • The Weird West
  • The Aftermath of War
  • The Many Kingdoms of Fantasy
  • The Modern World of Vice
  • The Golden Age of Steam
  • The Near Future of the City