Heroic Joes

Each player in TMNJ takes on the role of one Joe that might save the world. And each of these Joes have a few things in common:

  • They are all named Joe.
  • They are all capable heroes.
  • They are all mortal.
  • They are all from different places.

Joe Somebody

Your Joe does not have to be named Joe and only Joe. Joe could be a nickname (like 'Joey-boy'), a shorthand version of your true name (Josephine), the first half of your last name (Abernathy Joesephenum), or even some classification or rank (G.I.Joe. yeah. I went there).

Your character does, however, respond to "Joe" when people address them.

The Rise to Heroism

The funny thing about your average Joe in TMNJ is that he's not average at all. While the characters in this game are not gods, each come from a background that fully prepares them to be capable of adjusting to the situation, and meeting it head on. This could be due to training in a military force, the revelation of arcane lore, the transformation into a metahuman, or just an unnatural talent with guns. What each Joe is capable of doing is on an action-hero level. And with that level of skill comes the assumption that finding themselves at the end of the universe will not cause them a mental breakdown. In fact, it's safe to assume that it will, despite the overwhelming feel, only spur them on to greater things.

Mortal Joes

While each Joe comes from a background that makes them perfect for Heroism, they are not indestructible. From a Rules point of view, Death has no Teeth in this game. So the story does not include your Joe ending abruptly on the route to the final confrontation. It does not, however, mean that Death is not an Issue. Depending on how many players there are, several Joes will almost certainly die in the course of this game. And players should play their types in accordance with what threatens them from a mortal standpoint. It's encouraged to play a wariness of danger even when knowing the outcome will not include a bad end.

Tour de'Joe

Your Joe is your own. When you create this person, have a vague image in mind of what Earth Iteration they have been summoned from. This will give you the flavor of the Joe, spinning into accents, attire, and attitude. What reality you pick will match your Schtick, and what Issues you deal with will stem from your past in your Homeworld.