Beginning at the End

a "point A" to "point B" session map of TMNJ


Revelation of the Quest and the Nature of the Summoning…

Ten Joes (the last ten?) are summoned to Endworld: where the existence of time and space is being threatened by the UnMaker. Among these ten are the player characters.

The Joes are summoned by the Keeton. This character is a fill-in-the-blank archetype, dependent on what kind of details are chosen for the setting of Endworld. Keeton is some kind of leader among the last of humanity dealing with the presence of the UnMaker. It was his manipulation of the Etherforge's metatechnology that summoned the Joes, and he will be the first to greet them and explain to them why they are here.

The Joes represent the random manifestation of the last ten plausible solutions to the problem of the UnMaker. For reasons incomprehensible, the Joes are the counter-force to the UnMaker.

Action Scene

Here's where the UnMaker attacks the Joes, or where he reacts to their first attack. This is where some questions are asked, the fight resulting in their answers:

  • Do the Joes reveal their Schticks?
  • Do all the Joes survive?
  • Do the other characters survive?

At the end of an Action Scene the Joes are awarded Hero Points, which can be used to buy off their Issues or banked to face off against the UnMaker.

Joe Time

Here's where the Joes have a moment of quiet before the storm. During Joe Time the players role-play out discussions of their players Issues and Schitcks, setting up the Endgame. Some important events can happen during Joe Time.

  • A player could reveal their characters Issue, either blatantly or subtly.
  • A player could guess another characters Issue, gaining a bonus.
  • Two Joes could forge an alliance, giving them a bonus based on an average of their Hero Points and Issue Penalties.

Action Scenes and Joe Time can be repeated as many times as the players wish to repeat them. With each re-run, the Joes get closer to facing the UnMaker. With each the chances that both grow more powerful are increased.

The End

Here's where the Joes defeat the UnMaker, coming face to face with their Issues as they save all the worlds from their ends. Whatever Joe has the highest amount of Hero Points at the end of this conflict is considered "The Joe" and is therefore the one that was supposed to "actually" be summoned (or just the answer to the question of "So, who, among us, is the one that will defeat this Villain?").